At a glance
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At a glance

Our vision is to create the most agile, fastest and most effective Dutch and German E&P company that delivers top performance, safely.


Tulip Oil is now one of the Dutch North Sea’s leading independent oil and gas company with the largest single gas producing asset offshore along with a diversified portfolio of interests in both The Netherlands and Germany.


Tulip Oil is already delivering near-term, medium term and full cycle growth across the Dutch North Sea and German onshore region, with significant material potential for additional oil and gas resources and production.

Tulip Oil has operations in both The Netherlands and Germany where it represents a new and innovative model for efficiently, effectively and safely operating oil & gas assets.

Tulips Strategy is:

  • To find, appraise and develop overlooked oil and gas opportunities in the Dutch and German sectors both onshore and offshore
  • To use modern technology to unlock and swiftly commercialise known contingent volumes
  • To conduct exploratory appraisal in proven oil and gas provinces

Tulip Oil focuses on assets where it can add value by proving a safe, low cost and high value appraisal and development concept on the back of the highest quality subsurface, petroleum engineering and project delivery acumen.


The Q10-A discovery, development and production in the Dutch North Sea is evidence that there are still underexplored areas in the North Sea. Tulip Oil will continue to Explore, Appraise and Develop further opportunities in the Dutch North Sea and German Onshore.

Tulip Oil