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The HSE Policy of Tulip Oil reflects the integrated way our staff work with contractors and service providers. All personnel working directly or indirectly for Tulip Oil must manage HSE in line with the policy. Tulip Oil is committed to:

  • Pursue the goal of no harm to people, assets or the environment.
  • Promote sustainability related to the avoidance of the unnecessary depletion of natural resources and to use material and energy efficiently.
  • Respect our neighbours and to not have a negative social impact on the societies in which we operate
  • Support and promote a culture in which we all working for Tulip Oil share this commitment

To deliver the above, Tulip Oil has in place:

  • A set of Life Saving Rules which must be strictly adhered to.
  • A systematic and proactive approach to HSE management, designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continuous performance improvement. This includes a major Accident Prevention Policy with appropriate controls to manage major potential hazards throughout the life cycle of our assets.
  • A set of regularly appraised and reported performance metrics along with – where required – actions and targets for improvement.
  • A Policy regarding sustainability to promote good sustainable practice and to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities
  • Tulip Oil requires contractors and subcontractors to manage HSE in a way which is compatible with this policy and undertakes a rigorous process to select contractors who have exemplary HSE performance.
  • Tulip Oil engages with neighbours and communities that could be impacted and listens, learns from their concerns and where necessary will change our actions.
  • Requires everybody working for Tulip Oil to stop work if an unsafe situation occurs and inform the responsible supervisor or management.
  • Everybody at Tulip Oil is accountable for safety and the well-being of the staff.