Management and Organisation
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Management and Organisation

Presently Tulip Oil operates both in The Netherlands and Germany through its subsidiaries based in The Hague, the Netherlands and Heidelberg, Germany for Rhein Petroleum GmbH.


Tulip Oil has established itself as an Operator and is fully competent to execute all upstream activities, i.e. Permitting, Seismic Acquisition/Processing, Seismic Interpretation, Field Development Planning, Drilling campaigns, Facilities Design and Construction, Production Operations and Commercialization.


Tulip Oil has nurtured and aims to create a work environment where a high performance culture is mixed with technical excellence, commercial acumen and having fun at work. All working for Tulip Oil are expected to embrace the highest HSE standards not only with words but also with actions and commitment.


The company culture is informal, based on team work and founded on extensive experience in the E&P Industry. A very flat structure, very short decision lines, and fit for purpose procedures and the willingness of all working for Tulip Oil to do hands-on work are the key attributes of the Tulip Oil culture. Tulip Oil and its subsidiaries are diverse and multicultural.

Leo Koot

Leo Koot


Ruud Schrama

CFO & Executive Director

Carsten Reinhold

Geschäftsführer Rhein Petroleum
Kike Beintema 2

Kike Beintema

Subsurface Director

Thomas Bendzko

Well Engineering Director

Albertus Kor

Projects Director

Rene Borsch

Operations Director

Harris Shah

Finance Director