Q10-A Project
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Q10-A Project

The Q10-A Project Tulip Oil Netherlands Offshore B.V. (‘TONO’) is a 100% subsidiary of Tulip Oil. TONO holds a 60% interest in the production licenses Q07/Q10a. TONO is the operator. Energie Beheer Nederland B.V. (EBN) holds a 40% interest.


The blocks hold one discovered gas field (Q10-A) and further resources of gas and oil in additional separate accumulations in the license area.


A 309 km2 3D seismic survey was acquired in the summer of 2010 over the primary development target around Q07-1. A successful seismic survey was finished in the Q7/Q10a area proving the development upside and prospectivity.


Tulip Oil Netherlands Offshore drilled an appraisal/development well in 2015 into the Q10-A structure. In January 2018 FID was taken with gas production commencing in February 2019. The development comprises an unmanned remote operated platform and a 42.5km pipeline to the P15D platform.

Q10-A is a fully sustainably powered platform using only wind and solar energy. These wind turbines, in combination with the solar panel array are used to power all the energy requirements of the platform.