Corporate information
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Corporate information

Corporate Structure

Corporate information

Tulip Oil Holding B.V. is a privately-held exploration and production operator based in The Hague. The Company operates assets in both the Netherlands and in Germany and is owned by funds advised by GNRI, management and staff.


The Tulip Oil Group has its headquarters in The Netherlands and currently comprises four companies – one holding company, two wholly-owned subsidiaries and one 90% owned subsidiary incorporated in Germany

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In the event of any differences or inconsistencies between the text and quantitative information on this internet site and that in the original annual report, including the audited financial statements, as filed at the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce, the latter shall prevail.

Reporting documentation 2021

Reporting documentation 2020

  1. 27 August 2020  2020 H1 TOH Unaudited ->
  2. 27 August 2020  2020 H1 TONO Unaudited ->
  3. 27 August 2020  2020 H1 TON Unaudited ->
  4. 27 February 2020  2019 TOH Annual report final ->
  5. 27 February 2020  2019 TONO Annual report final ->
  6. 27 February 2020   2019 TON  Annual report final ->

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