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Tulip Oil Values

Every company has values that are core to their day to day operations just as much as they are to the big decisions. For Tulip there are four core values



Safety is at the core of everything we do. This is not something that Tulip has a manual for or a web-based checklist but it is inherent to our people, our way of thinking and every decision we take. Everyone should be able to go to bed securely after a safe day’s work. Accountability for Safety is owned by each and every one of us.



We believe that doing the right thing in a professional but caring, respectful and honest way promotes and delivers a transparent organisation that stakeholders can trust. Tulip Oil’s people are trustworthy, good to their word and reliable in their dealings with each other and our stakeholders.


Tulip Oil people are thoughtful, respect the opinions of others, and the customs, cultural diversity and regulatory requirements of the locations in which we do business.





Ambitious but with our feet on the ground – everybody on the Tulip Oil team is recruited for their skills and capacity, but also for the ambition, their drive and they’re pragmatic realism. This is a key differentiator we seek with our partners, our contractors and our stakeholders. We care passionately about people, our assets and our responsibilities to all of our stakeholders.


Tulip Oil people are driven, commercially minded, ambitious people who work hard, stay realistic, own their work and deliver to achieve their goals. We believe that doing things in a focussed, fast and effective manner is as important as having the courage to defend our values in delivering success for the company and ourselves.


We do not compromise our technical or engineering integrity but if there is a different way to do things to achieve a better result, safely, then we will explore that with our partners to make us more successful.



Tulip Oil people are creative in the way they approach every aspect of the oil and gas business. Never been done before is something we have often come across, but we are firm believers in the importance of practice over theory and that creative minds often work best together. Setting ourselves testing objectives and then creating ingenious new opportunities to deliver success in the face of challenge.